When You Wish You Could Help Azealia Banks, But…


The reason I could never fuck with Serena Williams now, I mean, I could fuck her, but if she turned to me wanting a relationship or some shit, I would be like, “Ha!”, is because she’s made it so abundantly clear that niggas are, indeed, her second, if any, choice.

See, if I had to pick a preference for bitches in terms of themselves and their progeny, of course, I’d take a Black chick with no kids first, then for alternative reasons, a Black chick with a kid by a Black dude, then a white chick with no kids, then a white chick with a kid by a white dude then, as disgusting as I find these bitches, I might actually take a white chick with a little nigger baby – that’s right, a mudshark, a coal burner – before I got around to taking a Black chick with a little mulatto.

That’s how little I like that shit.

And I cannot cape for all Black women, I refuse to, it’s absurd and I am simply not that Negro.

We’re allowed to believe in gradations for everything – including and maybe especially Black men – but all Black women are allegedly sainted queens deserving of niggas to bow in the presence of their greatness and run off in search hair care products with which to keep them contented?

Fuck outta here.

So no, Azealia Banks has gotta either die or save herself, even though I’d be the first to argue that the bitch is beyond bad as a recording artist and should be considered first tier in this era when female MCs are finally beginning to get some of the accolades they’ve long deserved.

And why would I let an artist that have such a high regard for twist in the wind?

Well, cause I’m a nigga and Azealia has made it abundantly clear that she don’t like my kind and would prefer white cock as a stocking stuffer and that’s cool with me and all but knowing that, what kind of fool would I be to lend my support?

Even though he allegedly didn’t really say it, when Elvis was accused of saying that all niggas could do was “shine his shoes and buy his records” and even though the former paid money and one couldn’t be faulted in its continuance, what kind of fools would we have been to continue doing the latter when we would have to pay to do so?

I’m a different kinda nigga, admittedly, I wouldn’t have participated in sit-ins, forcing muhfuccas that wouldn’t let me eat at the counter to take my money and all I ever hafta hear is a hint of racism coming from some corporation or corporate head and I know all of a sudden who not to give any or any more of my dough to.

So yeah, while I agree that it was ice cold for Remy Ma to expose what appears to be some sort of mental collapse that the genius-caliber Ms. Banks is seemingly struggling through right now, I wouldn’t help her even if I could.

I don’t fuck with white supremacists of any sort and the Black ones with their obsession with white mates – shit, I ain’t like Russell Wilson until after he got with Ciara – I find particularly distasteful.

So again no, until it might be possible for me to do more for Azealia Banks than “buy her records” I wouldn’t do even that.

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