Terrorism? More Like Hassleism

I was on the C train for two hours from Washington Heights to Brooklyn this morning.


Usually takes me right around an hour.

And it was on the train that I found out that some jerk. some asshole had packed a pipe bomb down around 42nd Street for God-knows-what reason.

I had gotten to the station at 155th at about 7:45 myself and this idiot’s incident had happened at about 7:30.

I read about it on Twitter.

And as the train trudged grindingly because of, of course, delays, from station to station, more people packed on that were better informed and an actual conversation started to take place about this shit.

An absolute font of knowledge was this leggy Americanized Asian.

I listened for a spell but then got back to my book.

Who needed this shit?

For the sake of the record, I will state that the alleged culprit is a 27 year-old Bangladeshi moron named Akayed Ullah.

As for whether or not he actually did it or what his true motivations were, who knows with these things?

Personally, I almost never believe the reported story and start looking for men behind curtains even before I look for curtains.

The fact that nobody died here was a good thing, I guess.

The bad thing is, of course whether or not this rash of terrorist attacks and mass shooting is staged or whether it’s genuine hatred from radical supporters of a form of Islam that just don’t make any Goddamn sense at all, the fact is that we’re becoming desensitized.

That’s right; terrorism is no longer, well, scary.

If you or somebody you know and love ain’t get directly involved in or hit by the shit, then the worst it can be to you is what it was to me this morning, a fucking inconvenience.

A hassle.

A fucking delay.

And this is not, I assure you, what the intentions are, whether truly alien or domestically engineered.

The mass shootings, of course, like I said before, are just as likely setups manufactured by gun makers because some boob revealed the fact that guns sales increased every time there’s a mass shooting and only a naive fool would think something as silly as the loss of life would stop any American businessman or company from turning some serious profits.

The other acts, like this clown with the pipe bomb and that nut that ran down the bikers in Manhattan a month or so ago, could, of course, be brainwashing, real, staged, or hoaxes.

Who knows on that score either.

What is known is that similar to Stockholm syndrome, there comes a point where people have a tendency to reconcile themselves toward the continuation of a recently introduced paradigm, provided that it shows signs of actually becoming the “new normal”.

We wonder about holocausts and the transatlantic slave trade because we imagine ourselves so radically free that we personally would resist tooth and nail and the triumph at the end like Tom Cruise always does in the movies.

Truth is, we’re way more like the title character from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich who, as a prisoner, suffers indignities too numerous and gross to mention but, because of one very slight and lucky break, considers his experience that day to be “good” overall.

So I think that whoever’s behind this recent madness is overdoing it to the point where their attempts at making us terrified are only succeeding in making us frustrated.

We’ve actually become more afraid of being late to work than being killed.

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