Where Are All the People Justifying the Murder of Daniel Shaver?

I actually cried two times this morning on my way to the gym over the murder of Daniel Shaver, the 26 year-old Texas man that was killed in an Arizona hotel hallway by a cop with a rifle named Philip Brailsford.

The first time I cried was over the poor bastard himself, I mean, the Daniel Shaver was actually begging for his life, clearly unarmed and had been literally humiliated by the Brailsford, forced to crawl – of all things – and then shot because he seemingly twitched in a way that only to an immune-to-logic idiot could construe as possibly reaching for a weapon.

The second time I cried it was because I simply couldn’t imagine the kind of people that could have sat in a jury box, watched a tape of this murder and then decided that,  yeah, Brailsford the cop/shooter, was totally innocent.

And for a moment, I almost even felt white, or how many white people must have felt in the 60’s watching Civil Rights footage from the safety of their suburban Northern homes and thinking, “Well, my God! Nobody deserves to be treated like that!”

And I’m not sucking my own dick over the fact that I can still manage to feel compassion for a dead cracker when there are so many dead niggers at the hands of the police.

I am, indeed, only after being “me” but before being a Negro, a part of the human family.

Therefore, the only racial component to this reprehensible atrocity that I think needs to be considered is how come there aren’t, as is the case when almost any Negro is murked by the law, a veritable bevvy of those rushing to defend the murderer?

Trayvon Martin wasn’t even killed by a cop, yet we still heard that a 17 year-old minding his own business didn’t have the right to be left the fuck alone and could be harassed and then ultimately murdered by his harasser for defending himself.

With Eric Garner we heard that if he’d complied instead of “resisting” – whatever that means – he wouldn’t be dead.

With Tamir Rice we heard that his toy gun looked “too realistic”.

With Terence Crutcher, we’re to understand that he was walking funny.

A guy named Marc D. Greenwood wrote a letter to the New York Daily News in which he pointed out that a Supreme Court ruling in the case of Graham v. O’Connor pretty much made it impossible to find police responsible for any kind of misconduct.

This was done, of course, with Black people as both the face and perception of crime and criminals.

Now, of course, with Trump as President and many white people finally coming to terms with the fact that “white” doesn’t necessarily = “wealthy”; nor does that skin color automatically protect them from psychopaths in police uniforms, maybe we’ll start to see an understanding on their part of the historical basis for anti-police Black sentiments.

I mean, almost everybody claims that we’d like to see an end to discrimination.

And at this rate, we just might.

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