The Justin Bieber Sex Doll May Be he Final Insult

I can only say that I hope it’s a bunch of homos buying up all these Goddamn Justin Bieber sex dolls cause if it’s a bunch of bitches, I’m done.

And you should be too!

The tragic and obvious flaw in feminism – which has only one logical and sustainable tenet: equal pay for equal work – is that it secretly fancies itself as some sort of “Affirmative Action” of privilege, some sort of “getback” for years of what women deem as second class citizenship while they were, in essence, doing society’s most important work: producing and cultivating the babies.

And yeah, I think they should vote, and yeah, they can do everything that a man can do and often more, but bitch, shut the fuck up!

Not everything is a call to arms.

Especially when you’re condemning shit as endemic to men only to practice that shit, full throttle, yourselves.

Buncha fucking pigs molesting young boys in high schools.

For shame!

You’re like those homos in the sense that now that they’re finally (and rightfully) no longer considered overall deviants just because they like a little (or huge) cock in their asses (arses?) whatever, think they can get away with anything and attribute it to their homosexuality.

Jim McGreevy was a corrupt-as-fuck governor and so you know what? I’m gay.

Kevin Spacey was molesting young boys and you know what? I’m gay.

Abel Cedeno bought a knife online, killed a kid and hospitalized another because, you know what?

Now sex dolls, long accepted as the provenance of the warped, are being normalized and not just because those Gooks? Slopes? Nips? Chinks? How do you insult Asians? over there in whereverthefuck killed female children in the womb, created a shortage of women, and now muhfuccas actually have whorehouses for sex dolls, but because women (with pussies! that’s the crazy shit!) have emasculated so many dudes that the only way that they can get fucked proper is by a Justin Bieber doll, with, it’s worth noting, adjustable penis sizes.

Incredible, hilarious, sad, funny, or just something worth writing about?

I’m still of the school that finds people that would indulge in sex doll play worth bullying.

To me, they’re creeps, like Dudley Moore came off in Foul Play with Goldie Hawn.

Bud Bundy couldn’t get away with it:

That shit wasn’t even cool as recently as Ryan Gosling tried to pull it off in Lars and the Real Girl:

So were I to allow women to get away with indulging in that bullshit just because their women, I’d be no better than the emasculated.

I mean, well crafted or not, them shits are creepy as fuck!

They’ve even got a Beyonce one (sorta):


But who could have that shit around the house?

And maybe I’m either

  1. Cheap – the Bieber (not that I’d by that one) cost more than $1300
  2. Old school – I still beat off with my hand(s)

But shit, I look at my fingers like I wish I ain’t have them any more after I finish pulling my meat so I can only imagine how I’d feel about some big, cumbersome doll that still lurked after I bust in it.

And how should a visitor greet it should I ever have guests?

Not everybody can be ass cool as Brad Pitt dealing with a dildo.

But should you stumble across some chick with a Justin Bieber sex doll, that would be how you were supposed to play it.


Of course not.

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