Would You Rather Cheat or Get Cheated On?


At his best, Dickie Bhee is love and as such, I’m always the first to point out the absurdity of claiming that women are the “weaker” sex while not only having the expectation that they should be the ones to refrain from cheating and simultaneously suggesting that it’s in their nature to forgive men for cheating because of the understanding that “boys will be boys”.

That shit doesn’t make any sense at all.

Were women indeed weaker, they’d be literally falling on cocks, mouths and pussies open, then having to come home and beg forgiveness for being so clumsy.

Still, one irony, as I’ve pointed out before, is that in some circles, no matter who cheats, it’s the man’s fault.

If he cheats, he ain’t shit.

If she cheats, he wasn’t fucking her right.

That’s wrong too.

Not to make myself look good – I’m great looking already, I’d have to be completely submerged in something without as much as a pinky nail showing to be otherwise – but I don’t believe in cheating.

Now, that doesn’t mean I ain’t never done the shit.

I don’t believe in porn either and more often than not, you’ll find me on xvideos.

It’s hard not being a hypocrite, so hard, in fact, that sometimes, you just are one.

Still, as far as my first foray into a serious relationship, I had actually cut off a superlatively ripe piece to be faithful to my sweet new one-and-only.

Months later and the revelation that said one-and-only thought it was cool to still be “dating” I began to take my own clandestine approach towards “seeing other people”.

Funny how getting your heart broke that first time can sour a person’s whole perspective.

Still, I knew even then that I was making a mistake.

And that was before everybody started cutting and pasting this little inane piece of trivia:


A paradigm change shouldn’t represent an internal change, just a change in how to interpret the new dynamic.

In other words, I should have tossed that bitch instead of cheating on her and me doing both eventually weakened me as a person and cost me in terms of self respect.

And my record in relationships has been spotty ever since.

Herculean bouts of fidelity mixed with the occasional





But I don’t subscribe at all to the bullshit notion that it’s impossible not to cheat.

Not cheating is as easy as not eating spinach; if you don’t want it, you don’t order it and refuse it if it’s offered.

It’s not like because it’s on your plate, you have to eat it.

There’s somebody hungry (or thirsty, as the case may be) out there.

It’ll get ate.

The issue is however, which is worse, cheating or getting cheated on?

And what that comes down to, in the end, is whether or not your ego is bigger than your honor.

I mean, the reason it’s called “cheating” is because there was certainly at least some kinda agreement entered into that’s being violated.

If y’all were just fucking, hitting something else would be just more fucking.

So really, it’s a matter of whether or not you could more easily live with your heart being broken or your word.

Now that I’m feeling like myself again after years of being God-knows-who, I’d like to think that in my next relationship, I’d rather her be the whore because like Vito Corleone, I will “not be the one break the peace…”

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