Betsy Bissen, Miguel Sano, Ezekiel Elliott & Colin Kaepernick

I’m actually shocked – which is rare for me – that nobody on Twitter made the connection that I immediately made when first reading photojournalist Betsy Bissen’s account of being sexually harassed by Minnesota Twins player Miguel Sano.

I mean, to their credit, even a bunch of white dudes – probably sports fans and maybe even Twins fans – rushed forward to defend the 24 year-old third baseman against this suffocating tide which has recently rendered anybody accused of anything even resembling sexual harassment guilty without trial, evidence or protocol.

The thing that shocked me tho was that in reading the first few lines of Ms. Bissen’s testimony, I noticed something that the anti-Kaepernick group had been spouting off as being the impetus behind his protest: the lack of continued relevance.




Right there on the third line she makes clear that she no longer has access to the team so one wonders – as other ones once wondered if Kaepernick’s having lost his starting position had anything to do with his protest – that if that access had never been lost, would Ms. Bissen’s claims of assault ever have surfaced?

And, of course, there’s the whole “white woman” dynamic which offsets all logic and reasoning making Ms. Bissen innocent by necessity and Mr. Sano guilty by default.

Look, I’m not saying that things didn’t play out similarly to the way that Ms. Bissen described them in her Twitter post.

I am saying, however, that there’s no way that things played out exactly that way.

That “pulling” that Ms. Bissen describes as having been victimized by, if it happened at all, was way more likely to be the type of shit that chicks have to endure from drunken assholes in a club and the violent struggle for life and limb that she makes it seem to have been.

Why do I imagine this?

Because that Spanish muhfucca, Sano, is 6’4″ 260lbs.

If he wanted to hold Ms. Bissen – who I don’t have stats on but appears to be of about average height and weight – odds are, he could have.

Which brings us to Ezekiel Elliott, who can tell us all firsthand how fucked up it can be to be on the receiving end of sexual violence accusations leveled by a white woman when you’re a Negro.

Mr. Elliott, as you’ll recall, had his accusations proven false.

Still, the NFL suspended him for 6 games, seemingly just because they existed.

Now Ms. Bissen, on the outs with the Twins but with an expert’s sense of timing and climate, has decided after a couple of years to come forward with her own accusations.

Well played.

And this isn’t to minimize any form of sexual assault, but being grabbed from behind in a dark alley by an armed stranger – as some women most assuredly have been – this is not.

Also, there’s no chance she’ll be greeted like Tawana Brawley or the young ladies that accused the Duke Lacrosse team of sexual violence.

As I’ve said repeatedly, according to the American mindset, a Black woman can’t be raped because she’s so eager to be fucked that anyone that chooses to do so is doing her a favor, meanwhile every time a nigga fucks a white girl – even in cases of marriage – it’s rape.

As I’ve also said before, a white woman’s virtue is unimpeachable.

So Miguel Sano is guilty, regardless of what he did or didn’t do.

In the meantime, he just better content himself with the fact that he might only lose his baseball gig and any possible endorsements.

Historically, they used to kill mockingbirds, didn’t they?


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