Which Was Dumber: The Waffle House Brawl, Taping it, or Uploading it?

As these things go, this was actually pretty tame.

I mean, sure, there was some maniac young nigga in a red jacket beating some young woman like she was, indeed, some young dude, but, shit, we all remember that McDonald’s beating in Brooklyn where that poor defenseless girl got pummeled by a gang of female degenerates, there was, of course, the 8-Ball jacket Slap Heard ‘Round the World, and there was also that awful thing in Georgia where 18 year-old Demajhay Bell got killed.

Still, in this Orwellian age, nigga should know – and would if we read George Orwell or read anything at all for that matter (thanks for reading this, I should add) – that the police hold not just what we say, but everything against us and that “likes” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you end up posting shit like this are not worth the fact that somebody’s about to get locked.

And that’s why even I’m at a quandary over this Ohio Waffle House fight which, again, from the looks of things, wasn’t too bad, but will sure as shit give the police more than enough evidence to return to their second favorite sport after killing niggas; giving niggas time.

Our simple asses actually believe that everybody behind bars is a criminal which, by default, implies that everybody on the outside is innocent.

Crime being relative, stupid shit like this fight should cause anybody – I’m gonna write this tongue-in-cheek – “found” guilty, to simply pay a fine for whatever damages were incurred and be placed on community service.

As it stands, 26-year-old Moniqua Lasenby and 22 year-old Nahporchia Allen are already facing charges.

And again, when you look at the type of shit that niggas end up locked up for, yeah, I know, they say “violent” crime is the number one reason, but on that note, a few of things:

  1. Ain’t the cops supposed to be protecting us from violence? If so, how’s it still happen?
  2. Why does the country only care about Black crime victims when it can lock away Black crime suspects?
  3. If we’re so Goddamn violent, how’s the government still standing?

We all know the truth that, just like non-Blacks can kill us and use whatever or no reason for doing it and then subsequently get away with it – George Zimmerman, looking at you – that niggas can be locked away without cause, reason or due process and then should expect to be “grateful” if they’re allowed to “plea out” on a lesser crime than the one they’re being charged with, a crime that they still, amazingly enough, didn’t commit.

I would tell you to ask Kalief Browder all about that, but you and I both know why you can’t.

And seriously, how dumb are we that we really believe that we’re as criminal as we’re portrayed?

Muhfuccas made billions by falsifying documents, causing the bailout to be necessary, rigging the market, then made billions more as taxpayers reimbursed them and I’m supposed to believe that some nigga selling dime bags under a streetlight is the greatest threat to the American way of life?

So please – this post is a plea – since we once adhered to “Don’t Snitch”, I’m now gonna ask that you, “Don’t Post.”

I know it’s hot to have some insider shit and it may, in fact, get you some pussy, but show that shit to the hoes privately.

It may be somebody’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister that a hot Facebook post ends up sending away for a long, long time.

Or it could be you.

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