When Will the #MeToo Movement Get to THESE Motherfuckers?

One of the interesting things about the current rush to bash anybody that’s even been accused of having sexual harassed anybody anytime ever, is that those accusations completely negate and obliterate any positive attributes that the accused might have once been known for.

It’s like that famous line from Paul Beatty’s White Boy Shuffle where he suggested that “Usually dating exclusively white was, for a black person, the equivalent of multiplying a lifetime of accomplishments by zero.”

And now the same can be said for being accused of sexual harassment.

So gone is Harvey Weinstein the otherwise fine filmmaker now that Harvey the Perv has emerged.

Literally gone from television is Matt Lauer.

Ezekiel Elliott was gone for 6 weeks even though his accusations proved false.

Miguel Sano may end up being gone, even though the accusations against him look shaky as shit.

And Bill Cosby, of course, has been gone.

But I’ve got a question:

How come all of the, er, “Founding Fathers” seem to have kept their reputations intact?

I mean, Alexander Hamilton had his reputation tarnished by his affair with Maria Reynolds but at least he never owned a slave.

And if you don’t John Jay as a Founding Father which I kinda don’t even tho he was a big contributor to The Federalist Papers, then every fucking other Founding Father did own slaves.

And what amazes me when I read shit, like I’m reading this Robert E. Lee biography right now and it’s making things seem like because some of the slaves that had eventually ended up serving Lee, were old enough to have, at one point, served George Washington, that those slaves actually felt honored to have served Washington.

Shit, George Washington was notoriously hated by his enslaved.

Washington was a horrible “massa”.

Lots of Washington’s slaves ran away and two, that we know of, Oney Judge and Hercules, fled successfully.

And, of course, getting to the other point, the one that caused me to write this post, the one that proves that ownership has its “privileges”, is the fact that when someone’s enslaved, the can’t call out ‘sexual harassment’.

I’ve read (white) muhfuccas who’ve tried to make it seem like Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings were “in love”, I even saw on Twitter how some teacher had “corrected” a student who’d written correctly that Jefferson was raping Sally Hemings – which he’d started at least by the time she was 14 – by claiming that the student couldn’t know for sure if Jefferson and Hemings’ relationship was indeed based in rape.

Well, what you can know for sure is that having no choice does not imply “consent”.

And Ms. Hemings, because of her relation to and the fact that she fathered 7 kids by the Nation’s 3rd President, is only the most famous of the Founding Fathers’ enslaved sexual paramours.

But, knowing that we watched the #MeToo movement, a movement that was actually started by a Black women named Tarana Burke, get hijacked and reinterpreted by white feminists, should we really be surprised that it’s targets are now exclusively at their discretion?

I mean, “feminism” itself was once a Black concept too, when it was organic and existed because Black families were so comparatively poor that few of them could afford to pretend that women shouldn’t work.

So what to do with history’s sexual harassers; the ones that “built” the country?

Pull down their statues and take them off money?

Betcha not.

Not unless Rose McGowan says that John Quincy Adams grabbed her ass.

Happy New Year.

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