Tomi Lahren Gets the Desired Response

It’s important to understand that during the Civil War, muhfuccas usually fought on the side that was their wife’s homeland.

There’s dumb examples, but I’ll just give you this one: Confederate General John C. Pemberton was from Philly, but since his wife was from Virginia, he rocked with Jeff Davis, Robert E. Lee and them… and lost.

This, I think is key, when you consider shit like, as Youtuber David Carroll likes to point out – and since he points it out, I haven’t even bothered to do the research myself – every Black anchor on Fox News is in an interracial marriage.

Why, you might ask?

Well, you shouldn’t hafta ask after I made that fucking first point about the Confederacy!

If some shit was to “go down” and, by this I mean, of course, some extreme shit, like some “race war” shit, some racial Fail Safe shit, then muhfuccas would be stuck; cause how could you kill the “enemy” when y’all share a bed?

And it’s with this in mind that Tomi Lahren just made a bunch of Negro dicks so hard that they knocked all of the sense out of their other heads.


Simple enough shit, rapping along with 21 Savage.

Hell, you listen long enough to anything and you learn it.

Y’all should hear me with Pink Floyd.

Still, since I arrived so late to the Twitter party, I missed all the lust and was only in time for the backlash – and no, I don’t feel like doing the research on the lust part so I’ll just post a Tweet that does most of that for me:

Now, I’m not gonna be one of the ones that rushes to call this Lahren ho a “racist” – don’t know how many genuine ones of those there really are anymore, most people on TV are just like Trump now; racism dealers, knowing there’s a buncha junkies for the shit that go through withdrawal without a steady stream of negative news on the Negro front – but I do know that this bitch has said some pretty absurd shit.

I mean, this is a chick that’s gone on record as declaring that Black Lives Matter was the “new KKK”.

She’s also gone on record as claiming that Beyonce wants to overthrow “white domination”.

But, you know, she is blonde.

And now we know she knows some 21 Savage.

A whole buncha Negro critical thinking has just been entirely neutralized.

Niggas now think they got a chance to get some pussy off of her and not understanding women at all or a woman’s psyche, think that they can top each other in the Tomi jackpot by posting nicer and nicer shit about her than the Negro that posted before them.

The opposite is more likely the case, fellas.

The winner will be the one who either disser her or ignores her.

So what you guys will end up with will be some knockoff.

Something like this:

She’ll spit some “Rapper’s Delight” and you’ll be good.

Won’t even know the difference.

The only thing is that the rest of us will hafta run from y’all first should some racial shit pop off.

Cause like I told you, the Confederacy must be protected!

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