Trump: Shitholes: Hypocrites Don’t Disagree, They’re Just Mad He SAID It

Be honest: nobody likes Black people.

Not even Black people.

Why, the minute a nigga gets some money, he moves away from other Black people and marries interracially.

Even in our music, our Hip Hop, our targets for murder and mayhem aren’t specific racist, racism itself or white supremacy; it’s other niggas.

Worst yet are “liberals” whose overtures, for whatever reasons, niggas tend to mistake as genuine empathy, when in fact they just use us as the “ugly best friend”, the girl to stand next to in the picture to make themselves look good.

Black people, according to liberals, will be fine and dandy as long as we remember that we need help.

If we should ever strike out and be self-sufficient, reject the notion that we were born damaged goods and claim or reclaim our own idea of or reality of beauty, we’d see how those liberals really felt.

And it wouldn’t be pretty.

Shit, Nikole Hannah-Jones just made the point that when all those gentrifiers that are taking over Brooklyn move into the hood, they do everything but send their kids to truly integrated schools, but I’ll betcha that since they live in the hood, they consider themselves “liberal”.

At least with affirmed racist, clowns that used to masquerade as “conservatives” and now try to hide behind the title of “alt-right”, there’s some honesty.

They know enough to be afraid of Black people.

They understand that one day, Black people may in fact tire of accepting the second-class status rendered at birth and for no other reason than because of something as arbitrary as skin color.

God, I’ve gone way off my point, lemme get to that:

Donald Trump is being condemned – what else is new? – because he complained that both Haiti and many African nations were “Shitholes” while lamenting that if he could get his choice of immigrants, they’d be from spots like Norway.

Now of course, idiots rushed forward to call him a racist, a word which, let’s be honest, has totally lost it’s bite by now.

But if you were smart and you were paying attention to the subtext, what you’ll realize is that saying that, for Trump at least, was actually brilliant and for three reasons:

  1. He may discourage immigrants from those “shithole” countries from coming to a place where now their greeting could only be less than friendly.
  2. He discourages his base – who probably didn’t need it anyway – from interacting with those immigrants.
  3. Despite the token uproar of outrage, a seed was planted even in the minds of alleged liberals and now, despite their social media advocacy, I’ll betcha that in the flesh, they ain’t gonna be fucking with no Haitians or Africans.

Everybody knows that Trump can’t genuinely be anti-immigration when he got 2 of his 3 wives on mail order from outta the country.

And of course another implication, what with the desire for Norwegians – of all people – is the reminder that the hoax of #WhiteGenoice is still proving that white people will do absolutely anything at all to acquire more white people, even import some, before they’d fuck each other and actually make more.

Should suit niggas just fine, as much as we love white people.

Some of us, anyway.

Remember, I went to a HBCU that was filled with a whole bunch of Haitians and Africans, some of the smartest most industrious people of any race or color I’ve ever met anywhere.

So I know better.

But of course, there’s only one of me.

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