Why Fox Hires Newscasters that Look Like This

DIANA FALZONE in Me in My Place Photoshoot for Esquire

See, I only watch Fox News from the treadmill at Planet Fitness, so I thought it was only Carley Shimkus (above pic) that they tossed in pencil skirts and let her bubble of a booty protrude if you could see around her thick lower legs to even look at it.

But now that I see this chick Diana Falzone (top pic) and read of how she’s also a Fox News correspondent, it all starts to fall in place.

Of course the most repressive, right-leaning, beyond-conversative-to-the-point-of-negating news organization since Hitler said to Joey Goebbels, “Why don’t you tell the people something that uh… might not be true, but they’ll believe?” would hire almost nothing but hot chicks to deliver their slant.

They want men convinced.

And most men, still believe that being “nice” despite all the evidence – like actually watching assholes walk off and around with bad broads – will get them pussy.


But taking that logic a step even further, how much sense does it make to become an alt-right leaning ideologue when you think that entire ideology is populated with women that look like Diana and Carley?

It’s brilliant, actually.

And then when you consider shit like the fact that a handsome man makes around 13 times more over the course of his career than an ugly dude and that some websites can list at least 101 unfair advantages of being attractive, then the goal of making it seem like the beautiful people all think one way and it’s our way becomes transparent in the case of a Fox News or realistically, news in general if you can hire hot people.

And of course, it helps that these hoes is white.

I mean, Black women have no value, not because Black women aren’t attractive (as some might argue), but because, like I write all the time, Black women are either taught or just simply believe that their number one attribute is their “strength” and because Black female attractiveness is too often based on it’s approximation to white female attractiveness.

And that’s not just the “light-skinned” shit.

That’s that whole “hair” bullshit.

My thinking is, that if you wanted to, you could create a whole counter movement of nappy-headed, wild, big booty Black chick newscasters with whatever slant you were motivated to give so long as the natural rawness of the Black females on parade was used to connote truth.

For instance, how could this lie?

And what could this mouth speak, save Gospel?

And trust, much white boys would be tuning in to get said truth and believing every word of it no matter what the fuck my slant was.

Of course, the problem with using Black women in any capacity whatsoever – except to make noise at rallies and vote in ways which repeatedly save the Democratic Party – is that no matter what my slant, it could be “Power to the People!” “Back to Africa!” “Black Love 2018”, I’d get charged with being exploitive, accused of being a “coon” and run out of business by the very people I was trying to help/save.

For those reasons, it would perhaps be best to exploit white women.

I mean, they’re used to it.

And no one ever tries to save them, unless, of course, it’s know that it’s some nigger behind the mechanisms and pulling the strings.

What do you think?

I mean, if I put something like this on TV

would you believe it?


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