Landon’s Buggin: This Chick Should be SHUNNED Not Helped

Didn’t I just write this?

I mean, Jesus.

I’m bout to get myself checked for clairvoyance cause sure enough, right after I posted that it ain’t nobody Black’s responsibility to “cure” racism, that racism is the racists’ ailment and up to said racist to either fix or leave alone, some some ugly white bitch named Harley Barber from the University of Alabama by way of New Jersey, goes on an epic “Nigger” rant and now we’ve got – of all people – former University of Alabama standout, current New York Giants star Landon Collins rushing to say that he would “definitely” sit down with this broad because she needs “help”.


Nigga, this bitch is 19 years-old.

She’s way old enough to not only know what she was saying, but to express herself in a way that reflects perfectly the way she feels.

If she hates niggers, she hates niggers.

Shit, after posting the first anti-nigger video in which she talked about water, hating niggers, stealing people’s boyfriends and Martin Luther King Day, she doubled-down and posted another anti-nigger video apparently in case the cheap seats couldn’t hear her correctly.

And now, in response to both her sorority and the University of Alabama doing the right thing by ridding themselves of this bitch, Landon Collins – a nigger himself – thinks he can help her?

Nigga, there’s poor people, probably in your own family, that you could help.

This bitch doesn’t need help.

This bitch needs to be shunned by anybody in a position to hire and with enough sense to realize that niggers have money too, and occasionally, niggers express ourselves by the way we spend our money and who we chose to spend our money with.

And don’t try giving me some “she made a mistake” bullshit.

Nigga, a mistake is putting salt in your coffee.

This bitch made a deliberate.

And what amazes me as I read about shit like how this idiot boy, 15 year-old Justin Murrell, is about to get charged as an adult because he was driving a stolen car that hit and dragged a cop named Dalsh Veve, I’m supposed to imagine that this 19 year-old bitch could make decisions that are beyond her responsibility because of her age?

But that goes back to what I was saying in my “Hood Niggas” piece.

We’re supposed to believe we’re so intellectually inferior, but what then explains the amount of responsibility we allegedly shoulder when you consider that 67.9% of Black kids charged with crimes are charged as adults whereas only 11.1% of white kids are?

We’re only “responsible” when it comes to crime?


Shit, who didn’t hear then-32 year-old Ryan Lochte referred to as a “kid” as a way to give him a pass for that bullshit he pulled during the Brazil Olympics?

And now this 19 year-old, flat-everywhere skank, who wants somebody to ride her ass while she steals boyfriends is, as a result of her using the word “nigger”, getting offered what amounts to a “date” with an NFL superstar?

Nigger, please.


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