Is it WORSE When Female Teachers Do It?

I don’t know why these things still get views – or, for that matter, why I still seem to be reading the Post so much – but here we are again, my 3rd and doubtfully final time writing about some female teacher fucking or sucking one of her young charges.

And when I say “young” in this case, I mean YOUNG.

Fucking 14, man.

And even me, an admitted degenerate who believes that the age of consent should be 16 not only because that’s when I lost my virginity, but also because you can drive at that age and I think that they should also let you drink, vote, play pro sports and join the military at that age too.

But 14 is still too young… for anything.

Yet 29 year-old Dori Myers – of my own beloved Rockland County, at that – was smoking the meat of some boy that she taught in her Bronx high school teaching gig and since the er, “smoke” hasn’t cleared, she still hasn’t officially been fired, but she has to, “stay away from kids’.


Now it’s fucking time for me to insult every fucking body who’s ever read anything: I’m gonna propose that it is, in fact, worse when female teachers fuck their male charges than it is when male teachers fuck their female charges.

And I’ll give you my reasons:

  1. Like I wrote before, the prevailing mentality is that sex is always to the benefit of the male and the detriment of the female so we imagine that a boy getting sex is always a good thing.
  2. While we allow that girls mature faster than boys, we don’t allow for the possibility that a young female student might actually have the hots for her teacher and might, in fact, be the seducer instead of the seduced.

The second part is actually, I think, the main difference.

Speaking only for myself and remembering being that young and having a few teachers I wouldn’t have minded banging, the idea of a teacher as being totally unapproachable held me in check all the way through college.

Females, on the other hand, and I hate to give these examples because their all male-driven, but as described in Lolita by Nabokov and, like, the movie Election or the song “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by the Police, because of that maturity, take control of their sexuality usually way earlier than men.

Of course, the double standard kicks in for both parents.

A mom won’t want some old broad banging or sucking her son, especially if she ain’t getting no young cock while a pops would probably be considerable cooler about the issue.

Also, a mom might go either way on her young daughter getting rocked by a hard one, Cybill Shepherd’s sympathetic mom played by Ellen Burstyn in The Last Picture Show comes to mind, but she might also hate.

Meanwhile a pops is altogether gonna believe that some old geezer fucking his teen girl is taking advantage of her.

But is that always the case?

And that’s my point.

Just like I wrote about Joe Mixon and how feminist should have been on the front lines of saying that he was right to bash that bitch’s skull in, women should also demand the right for females of almost any age to lay hold and claim to their sexuality.

You can’t be getting “taken advantage of” after things have gone sour and as a play to try and recapture some vestiges of your alleged “innocence”.

That’s as bad as crying “rape!” because your husband walked in.

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