Again: Men See these Weinstein Accusations Differently

Paraphrasing what I wrote earlier about this dude, a good “honesty” test for a chick on her first date with a dude might be to ask him what he thought about Harvey Weinstein and all these accusations of sexual harassment and impropriety.

Weinstein, back in the headlines today because his wild, cowboy ways included “forcing” a hired assistant to hit him up with erectile dysfunction shots, pick up his used condoms, clean up his cum, take dictation while he stood around naked, and get groped whenever he felt like sliding a hand over, has been a punching bag – sometimes literally – for every feminist and SJW the world over.

But like we agreed here on DickieBheeonthestreetz, to us, he’s just a guy.

And yeah, maybe we don’t agree with his swag – I mean, he is a little heavy-handed – but I’ll never forget a conversation I had with one of my great, dear friends when he was saying, “I don’t feel like I should have to lie to bitches. I mean, why should I lie just to get some pussy?”

“Why not?”, I asked.

And it was like a light went on in this dude’s mind.

It was like he understood then and maybe even for the first time, that it wasn’t at all about how you got it – I mean, of course, short of straight up strong-arm or jump-out-the-bushes-with-a-knife-on-a-stranger rape – it only mattered that you got it.

And if lying was fair in war

And we take away from women far too much credit (and with that, responsibility) and render them almost exclusively victims, when the truth is probably way grayer.

If it’s true that a woman decides whether or not she wants to fuck you in the first 30 seconds, then for most of us, the only things we could do to alter that trajectory would be, to quote an ex, “talk her panties back on” or, to quote The Godfather, make her an offer she “can’t refuse”.

And since, again short of rape, every other offer can be refused, who becomes culpable?

It’s the old “How bad to you want it?”

You could always say, “Not that bad.”

And here again, like one of my standard points about celebrity being that we non celebrities can take heart in the notion that we have boundaries.

That maybe our “deal with the devil” involved an offer we did refuse, an offer that somebody else took up readily and thus became a “star”.

Whether respect or derision is the proper response for someone that would do anything at all to get what they wanted shouldn’t be an issue for them.

Shit, only Drake gets to have everything he ever wanted and still complain about it.

So finally, like this assistant that blew the whistle on Weinstein’s slime, this Sandeep Rehal, an honest man is wondering why she, like the actresses that got “raped” or assaulted by Weinstein, didn’t stop fucking with him on any level – meaning, quit – the first time he went over that boundary.

After that first time, it’s kinda on you.

And most men do turn up our noses on Weinstein sorta hustle.

It’s too icky, too gross.

Like Eddie said to Priest, we “really ain’t got the stomach for that”.

Most of us would prefer to go out, if we could, like Porfirio Rubirosa.

So ladies, if you should ask your first date how he felt about Weinstein, “Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino, Rose McGowan, Lupita Nyong’o, Annabella Sciorra, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all pretty hot!” might be inconvenient, but at least it’s the truth.

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