Sometimes, “Trash Talk” Includes Racial Shit


I’m sorry, but I gotta say “good one” to that white boy, Spencer Brown, of Appalachian State, who told a Black dude by the name of John Wilson “at least I know my dad” because clearly, it got Wilson off his game enough for Brown to win.

Or maybe, Brown ain’t even need to say all that.

Maybe he’s just better than Wilson.

Whatever the case, the fact that it is a case makes my man John Wilson look weak and that hurts me to say because Wilson, being a North Carolina A&T guy at all, is a fellow HBCUer and a MEAC Conference guy like myself.

But dawg, John, you’re an athlete.

You know how these things go.

It’s whatever works.

I mean, it could be something as insidiously ingenious like Kevin Garnett’s legendary “Honey Nut Cheerios” comment about La La Anthony’s pussy which, quite honestly, must have been about accurate because it had that nigga Melo out at the bus’ carport, stalking and ready to do bodily to our boy KG.

And it can certainly be racial shit.

Ask Jackie Robinson.

The established conventional thinking regarding the integration of baseball was that the first Negro player needed to be nearly as politically savvy as talented and that’s why the UCLA-trained and diplomatic Robinson was picked over absolutely dynamite physical God-manifestations like Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson.

And shit, cracker muhfuccas were ready to kill Hank Aaron just cause he was bound to break Babe Ruth’s home run record.

Even in fiction, the movie M*A*S*H* being a fine example, a fellow Black player tells Fred “The Hammer” Williamson’s character that an opponent called him a “coon”.

After Williamson explains that that’s “an old pro trick” and explains that the guy should talk about the white boy’s sister, the results are as follows:

Shit, I myself offered this advice to John Wilson after his Tweet about how Spencer Brown had so, er, “abused” him:

But that was before I found out that John Wilson had lost.

Then today, thinking the shit had just been an issue on Twitter, I’m reading The New York Daily News only to find out that redneck Spencer Brown had actually been suspended by his school.

Shit, I didn’t even find out about the loss in the Daily News article and had to go looking for the results, finally finding them – Brown won in straight sets, 6-1, 6-1 – on a Yahoo news site.

Now, about the issue of whether or not Spencer Brown should have been suspended…

I’m gonna hafta go with a “maybe” but that would only be if he’d said it so loudly that more people than just his opponent could hear.

I mean, you wouldn’t wanna shock and offend fans with that kinda racist bullshit.

And I understand why the school did it and all.

I mean you can’t, in this kinda climate, make it seem like you’re soft on racial insensitivity.

My issue is far more with my man John Wilson.

I mean, dude; as a competitor, this isn’t the type of shit that you even make other people aware of.

You should have let it motivate you.

The Williams sisters, as tennis players, got called far worse by white people; everything from ugly, to too muscular, to manly and…


They both ran out and got themselves white boys so maybe they wouldn’t be the best examples, but…

The point is, don’t get mad, get better.

Beat the fuck outta white boys whenever you face them in the future.

And also, marry a Black girl.

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