Richard Dreyfuss & The Pawg

I honestly didn’t expect to take any position on the fact that Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss has now been accused of groping.

Y’all know how I feel about all the groping and sexual harassment accusations that are so much in vogue these days.

A percentage of women have legitimate complaints, the rest are just mad that the quid pro quo they agreed to at the time is making them feel all skuzzy after the fact.

And like I said, you notice that the ones that achieved stardom haven’t voluntarily forfeited that shit as a result of having been harassed.

But for whatever reason, I actually saw the pic of one of the hoes accusing Dreyfuss of groping and my response was a predictable, “Say word!”

Say what you want about Richard Dreyfuss, he’s damn sure straight.

And his taste in women is the taste of a man.

And I’ve done so many post on this topic, I don’t even think I’ll bother to link any besides maybe, “Costanza Porn“, but when men that both like and are attracted to women are being honest, we usually like bitches for the differences that are inherent in them and not the similarities.

Therefore, a hetersexual man tends to like a bigger bitch or at least one with a booty so that when he’s pounding her – from the back or wherever – he gets the physical manifestation of his attraction.

Fashion being what it is however, dudes have been and probably always were picking bitches in relation to style, what would look good on their arms versus what they actually wanted and, like I wrote in Costanza Porn, you’d find them up late at night trolling online for shit like this:

Now, as far as the actual allegations are concerned?


There’s two things you yourself probably realized immediately.

Dreyfuss only grabbed those hoes because he knew – at the time (it happened in 2004) – he could get away with it and because he felt entitled.

Now, both of those points are, of course, part of the larger issue that white women have with white men, an issue they’ve been tryna drag the rest of us into a of late with all these allegations and shit.

The issue of getting away with it having everything to do not only with the fact that he was a star and they had come to see him, but the notion that hey! I’m Richard Dreyfuss! if I grab your ass, you should be grateful.

You can thank me later.

You’re not a victim, you’re a beneficiary.

The sense of entitlement is tied to those exact same lines.

The reason I wouldn’t urge any rush to join white women in their Quixotic attempt to “dismantle the patriarchy” and remove white men from power is because bitch, the rest of us been telling you about your boy(s) for years!

All non-whites have been tryna tell you that white dudes, especially American white dudes, especially white dudes that are the progeny of insane asylum rejects and former criminals are pretty fucking strange.

They form Confederacies and Klans spout off reams of circular logic to justify themselves and you white hoes seemed comfortably along for the ride provided that they were taking you with them.

Now that a lot of y’all have succeeded in scaring them half to death with your feminism and they’re all MGTOW or whatever, you want our help to finish the job?

Nah, that’s ok.

Y’all watched as we got Civil, Human, and all other kinds of rights by the strengths of our backs.

We’ll watch this.


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