Quincy Jones Talks About Everybody’s Gay Ass But His Own

By now, you’re sick and tired of me saying shit like “I know I’ve written this before” but…

And see, this post actually ties into a couple of disparate ideas: the first being that Black dudes that are obsessed with white chicks may also be gay, the second being that Black dudes that are obsessed with white chicks hate white men with a similar obsession.

And I’m not gonna get into too much of the other shit that Quincy Jones got into in that now viral vulture.com interview.

I mean, he covered – “buried” or “threw dirt on” would actually be more accurate – a whole gang of people, but I can’t get past acknowledging that it was kinda foul to throw Marlon Brando, James Baldwin, Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye all under the same sexual bus because none of them are alive to defend themselves.

Here’s a screenshot of that madness.


Who knows if any of that’s true, or if any of those mentioned wanted any of that known?

I mean, Marlon Brando slept with men, he’s admitted that; James Baldwin was an admitted homosexual, Richard Pryor has had homosexual experiences that he’s admitted to, but Marvin Gaye was, for all intents and purposes and despite his last name, straight.

And of course, Quincy, who earlier in the same interview posited this,


seemed to curiously avoid any rumors relating to his own sexuality, of which there are legion.

Best known, of course, is the urban legend (or not?) that Jones once asked Tupac – who, at the time, was engaged to one of Jones’ daughters – to fuck him in the ass.

Interestingly enough, a description of the incident in it’s verbatim context – as well as Pac’s alleged reply – appears on the Notorious B.I.G. song “Dead Wrong’.

Also, there’ve been Tevin Campbell molestation rumors and some kinda funky Will Smith rumors around for a while as well.

But let’s move on to the ideology behind a Tweet from a now deleted account once run by one JoelJGibbs and see why there might be something to it.

I can’t remember exactly what Mr. Gibbs tweeted, but it was something linking homosexuality in Black men to an obsession with white women, an issue I covered in a Taye Diggs piece, but since Quincy Jones has been married three times and every time to white women, it’s time I explore why there may be some fire behind all that smoke.

See, like I’ve written before (there I go again!), the most natural, Freudian thing in the world is for a boy to think his mother is absolutely beautiful.

So for a nigga to be obsessed with white woman, he’s moved as far away from nature as imaginable with the possible exception of homosexuality.

Just a thought.

I mean, before Jason Collins came out, he was with a white girl.

And if the rumors about Jamie Foxx or Tim Duncan, to name only a couple of serial white girlers, are true, then a frightening correlation does seem to exist.

Then in the same interview, Jones topped his own sweet pie with a cherry by blasting The Beatles.


Now who with a mature musical appreciation doesn’t like the fucking Beatles?

Even my mom, who felt the Fab Four unjustly overshadowed more deserving Motown artists and was mad as shit once on a trip to VA after I’d put on their 1 album, was rocking by the time “Come Together” came on.

Hate white men, Quincy?

While loving white women?

And possibly also being gay?

This guy’s a regular archetype!

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