Nikolas Cruz & the Need for Legalized Prostitution

I accede to the wisdom that the greatest differences between men ain’t wealth and poverty but sickness and health, but I’d also argue that greatest personal difference in a man takes place between his virginity and his experience.

Speaking for myself, I can remember that first day after losing my shit, I didn’t strut, but almost glided into my high school, feeling full, secure in the knowledge that what I was doing was right and just and would somehow pay off in the end.

Calling this feeling simply “confidence” would be short-sighted.

It was much more of an awareness.

No more sexual ambiguity, confusion or fear for me, thanks.

I’m doing ok.

So when I see shit like this putz down in Florida, this clown who by no means should have his named etched among the more deserving of either fame or infamy but now, because his mass killing of 17 high schoolers leaves – encourages? – the media towards just that, I wonder like I wondered with Dylann Roof, like I wondered with Adam Lanza, like I wondered with Eric Klebold and Dylan Harris and like Elliot Rodger thankfully made clear for us, was virginity a part of the cause of this madness?

See, because while it’s almost cliche now to attribute altogether pathological levels of gun violence to the proliferation of gun-related imagery as well as attributing the upswing in degenerate behavior to the ubiquity of pornography, I’m still waiting to see the study that links those two diverse concepts to each other.

And I, for one, think the link is fucking definite.

Having sex changes a man and more often than not, in a positive way.

And I’m talking beyond pheromones, of course, or that, yes, I’m gonna say it, “confidence” that we imagine we’re filled with, much like Steve Carell was in Crazy, Stupid, Love when, after enduring what can only be described as a second virginity, having lost his wife to another man and then succeeded in doing nothing but striking out in a series of singles bar encounters, he meets Ryan Gosling who changes his game and leads him to triumph.

But sex also answers a bunch of important questions that I’ll bet a bunch of these mass shooters wrestled with before they decided to go on their murderous adventures; am I straight? do I want pussy? can I perform with a woman?

And if these issues could be resolved professionally, the result would probably not only save a fortune in eventually therapy, but probably a whole gang of lives as well.

I mean, the bottom line is this, gun manufacturers, have wrapped American politicians in such a stranglehold that we’re not ever gonna get gun reform.

And as I wrote before about their continuing to profit greatly off of mass shootings, gun manufacturers would probably also be the leaders in opposition to anything that might potentially stop mass shootings.

But as logical people of the planet earth, it almost behooves us to consider any other possible method of reducing these killings.

So I say, let’s make prostitution legal.

Prostitution is rightfully and without even any trace of irony, known as “the world’s oldest profession”.

It is also, as I’ve written a million times, biblical.

My thinking is that if it were to become legal, guys that knew dudes that were in danger – like this jackoff in Florida posting disturbing social media images of himself – could simply grab the dude and take him to the appropriate establishment.

It might not only save his life, but several.

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