Why IS Dickie Bhee on the Streetz?

Well, quite frankly, because it’s likely that he’ll be homeless. He’s flirting quite dangerously with it now and the prospect no longer worries him. In fact, he rather welcomes it. He’s a very peculiar man.

Also, with nothing left to lose (home being gone and all) he feels himself in a most unique position. And that position is that he feels that he can finally tell the truth. The real truth. The unbridled truth. No fear of reprisals, no need to be politically correct.

Lastly, if a man such a Dickie Bhee existed – and, you’ve gotta trust me on this one, he does exist – wouldn’t you want him on the streetz? Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that whatever evil, tyranny and injustice is taking place right outside your door, there’s also a Dickie Bhee out there somewhere doing God knows what? Keeping the balance, probably. Or, maybe not.

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